Request For Proposal

Facility Improvements for Intermediate School Gym

From: Richmond County School Board

Due: Friday, October 14, 2016 at 10:00 A.M.

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Table of Contents

1. Overview
2. Scope of Goods and Services
3. Qualifications of Firm
4. Integration of Control Systems
Quality Assurance
6. Basis of Selection
7. Contents of Proposal
8. Price Sheet


1.0       Overview


Richmond County School Board seeks an experienced firm for the purpose of providing a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) design build solution for Richmond County Intermediate School Gymnasium with internet based direct digital control system. The system needs to be designed for full capacity on a 0 degree-90 degree day for upwards of fifty occupants. This Request for Proposal (RFP) is part of a competitive procurement process which helps to serve the School System’s best interests.  It also provides firms with a fair opportunity for their services and capabilities to be duly considered.  The process of competitive negotiation being used in this case should not be confused with the process of competitive sealed bidding.  The latter process is usually used where the goods or services being procured can be described precisely and the price is the determinative factor.  With competitive negotiation, however, price is not required to be the determinative factor, although it may be, and the School System has the flexibility it needs to negotiate with firms to obtain “best value’ for the School System.


For ease of reference, each firm receiving this RFP is referred to as the “firm” and the firm selected to provide services for the School District is referred to as the “selected firm”.  This RFP states the instructions for submitting proposals, the procedure and criteria by which a firm may be selected, and the contractual terms by which the School System proposes to govern the relationship between it and the selected firm.



2.0       Scope of Goods and Services


It is the School System’s intent to enter into an agreement for a turn-key design and build HVAC solution for Richmond County. Intermediate School Gymnasium with internet based direct digital control system necessary for the effective and economical operation of the gymnasium.  The selected firm shall furnish all engineering, labor, materials, tools, and resources necessary to design, develop and implement a solution located in the facilities.  In addition to installing a new system, the selected firm shall have the capabilities to provide comprehensive maintenance on the installed equipment.


2.1 General Requirements   


a.       Time is of the essence and this project needs to be installed as soon as possible and with minimum disruption to school operations. The firm must submit their implementation plan and schedule as a part of this proposal.

b.      The selected firm shall furnish all labor, parts, materials, test equipment, tools, programming materials, and services in conformance with the terms and conditions as outlined in this RFP. This is a performance based solicitation and the firm must guarantee operational performance of the HVAC improvements. There will be no change orders to any resulting contract.

c.       Each firm is required to visit the site of the equipment and proposed work prior to submitting their proposal.  A mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held at the Richmond School Board Office, 92 Walnut Street, Warsaw, VA 22572 on Friday, October 7, 2016 at 10:00 A.M..  The purpose of this visit is to acquaint the firms with any and all conditions at the site and to inspect the space and necessary conditions.  One conducted tour of the premises will be conducted.  The firms will not be relieved from assuming all responsibility for properly estimating the difficulties and cost of performing the services required with this specification, because of the failure to become acquainted with all the information concerning the work to be performed.  


2.2       Scope of Work Requested


a.       Replacement of HVAC System/Internet Controls for Richmond Co. Intermediate School Gymnasium.


3.0       Qualifications of Firm


3.1 The firm shall be licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia as a Class A contractor with a sub-classification notation of HVAC for the last three years.  A copy of each license must be submitted with the proposal.


3.2 Qualifications of Assigned Personnel


a.       It is preferred that the mechanics assigned to this project have certifications in the following areas:

·         State of Virginia Master HVAC License

·         Certified pipe welder

·         Journeyman Tradesman


b.      Engineering Support - The selected firm is required to maintain an engineering department staffed with full time professionals in the fields of HVAC, building controls and systems integration and must include at least one Professional Engineer (PE) registered to perform work in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


c.       Resumes of all proposed personnel shall be included with the response to this RFP as required under Section 7.0 "Contents of Proposal". 

Resumes shall clearly indicate the length of experience with the proposed equipment and systems proposed.




4.0  Integration of Control Systems

4.1 It is a requirement that the firm integrate the equipment into an internet based  Building Management System (BMS) that provides monitoring, scheduling of HVAC systems, and remote alarming. 



5.0  Quality Assurance


5.1 The performance of the facility improvements to provide required building conditions shall be guaranteed by the firm.  All labor, equipment and materials required to guarantee the system operation for 12 months after acceptance of the work by the owner shall be included in this proposal.



6.0   Basis of Selection


The Richmond County School System shall evaluate proposals and, if a firm is to be selected, select the firm on the basis of the following:


·         The firm’s written technical plan, design, and implementation plan for providing the turn key design and build HVAC solution. (50%)

·         The firm’s relevant experience, qualifications, and track record in providing the goods and services as outlined in this RFP. (10%)

·         The firm’s references from other school systems with requirements similar to those of the Richmond County School System.  (15%)

·         The firm’s financial proposal and relevant terms. (15%)

·         The quality of the proposal, specifically, responsiveness to requirements and adequacy of information provided. (10%)


7.0   Contents of the Proposal


           Proposals shall include information pertaining to this section. 


7.1       Project Design and Implementaion Plan

·         Provide a detailed description (design) of the proposed systems to meet the requirements contained in this RFP.

·         Provide specification sheets for all proposed equipment.

·         Provide the complete scope and technical approach of system controls

·         Provide the proposed implementation plan and time schedule.

·         Describe the proposed commissioning plan and quality assurance plan.


7.2       Firm Information, Personnel, and References

·         Provide a brief history of the firm and its experience providing the scope of services required in this RFP. Provide Company financial information to indicate the financial stability of the Company.

·         Provide an organizational chart for the firm including the personnel to be assigned to this project.

·         Provide a minimum of three (3) local school references that are similar in size and scope to the Richmond County School System.

·         Provide certifications & credentials for personnel assigned to this project. Furnish copies of all factory certifications and training achieved by assigned personnel on the HVAC equipment and control systems included under the scope of this project.


7.3       Financial


·         Provide a performance based fixed price to provide the services detailed in the RFP on the Price Sheet (Section 8.0)






8. 0      Price Sheet


Richmond County School Board

Facility Improvements for Richmond Co. Intermediate School Gym



Price                                                   $_______________________


Name of Firm____________________________________________________________


Contact Name___________________________________________________________











Authorized Signature:____________________________________________________



Print Name:_____________________________________________________________


Attachment 1


A. All proposals must be received at the Richmond County School Board Office, 92 Walnut Street, Warsaw, VA 22572 by 10:00 a.m. on Friday, October 14, 2016. Three copies of each proposal must be provided.  All requests for information related to this procurement should be directed to:


Richmond County School Board

Dr. Greg Smith, Superintendent

PO Box 1507

92 Walnut Street

Warsaw, VA 22572



B. Amendments

No amendment of this Agreement will be effective unless it is reduced to writing and executed by the School System's Superintendent and by the individual signing the Selected Firm's proposal or by other individuals named by either party as specified in Section E, Notices below. If the Selected Firm deviates from the terms of this Agreement without a written amendment, it does so at its own risk.


C. Notices

All notices will be given in writing and deemed given when delivered to School System:

Richmond County School Board

Dr. Greg Smith, Superintendent

PO Box 1507

92 Walnut Street

Warsaw, VA 22572


Notices -If to the Selected Firm:

The person signing the Selected Firm's proposal in response to the School System's RFP, at the Selected Firm's address indicated in such proposal; or to such other person or address as either may designate for itself in writing and provide to the other.


Information Technology Access Act

In accordance with §§ 2.2-3504 of the Code of Virginia, the following will apply to all information technology Agreements:


Contractor License Requirements

State statutes and regulatory agencies require that some firms be properly registered and licensed, or hold a permit, prior to performing specific types of services. If firms provide removal, repair, improvement, renovation or construction-type services they, or a qualified individual employed by the firm, must posses and maintain a State of Virginia Class A, B, or C Contractor License for the duration of the Agreement. It is the firm’s responsibility to comply with the rules and regulations issued by the appropriate State regulatory agencies.

License #______________ Type___________________

A copy of the license must be furnished upon request to the School System


D.        Insurance


The successful bidder must furnish to the School Board evidence of its professional liability insurance with limits of $1,000,000 for each occurrence.


The successful bidder also agrees to defend, save harmless, and indemnify the School Board from and against any and all claims for damages against the School Board allegedly caused by its errors, omission, or negligent acts in the performance of services under this contract.


The successful bidder further agrees to defend, save harmless, and indemnify the School Board from and against all claims for damages against the School Board allegedly caused, or efficiently contributed to, by its intentional failure to perform pursuant to the terms and conditions of this contract.


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