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Average Per Pupil Cost

In accordance with the Code of Virginia (22.1-91) as amended and passed by the General Assembly, each school division is to prepare and distribute the estimated average per pupil cost for public education for the coming school year, as well as the current and previous years. The chart below reflects the per pupil expenditures for the Richmond County School System. If you have questions, please contact the School Board Office.


Sources of Financial Support Previous Year FY 23 Actual Current Year FY 24 Estimate Next Year FY 25 Proposed
State Funds $6,565 $8,393 $8,687
Sales & Use Tax $1,224 $1,064 $1,123
Federal Funds $1,821 $1,332 $1,190
Local Funds $4,694 $3,777 $3,979
TOTAL $14,304 $14,567 $14,980
ADM 1345.24 1369.25 1340

Updated: 06/07/2024